Mormonism Mandates Transhumanism



Mormonism is, above all other things, an immersive discipleship of Jesus Christ. It's not so much a religion about Jesus as it is an aspiration to live the religion of Jesus. This Gospel is to trust in, change toward, and fully immerse both our bodies and our minds in the role of Christ, to become gods and saviors, to console, to heal, and to raise each other up together. This is the heart of Mormonism. This Gospel of Jesus Christ underlies Mormon Transhumanism.

Mormons situate ourselves today in what we call the Dispensation of the Fullness of Times. It's a time of great advancement in knowledge and power, and we should expect the sciences to flourish. Immortality is physical. It's embodied. There is in Mormonism this notion of progressively improving bodies as well. Our scriptures have this idea of a transfigured being that receives a certain quality of body, and a resurrected being that receives an even better body, a more robust body.

I am a Transhumanist not despite my Mormonism but rather I am a Transhumanist because of my Mormonism. My Mormonism mandates Transhumanism. Our scriptures require implicit Transhumanism, and many Mormons are Transhumanists not because we're trying to find a solution to fix our religion. Our religion led us to Transhumanism. We feel a spiritual mandate to engage in Transhumanism.