Lincoln Cannon to head Board of Advisors


The Mormon Transhumanist Association is pleased to announce the formation of a new board of advisors. The board of advisors will consist of former members of the board of directors, and its role will be to advise the association presidency and board of directors in their efforts to fulfill the purpose of the association.

The purpose of the Mormon Transhumanist Association is defined in its constitution. That purpose is to promote the Transhumanist Declaration and the Mormon Transhumanist Affirmation. In pursuit of that purpose, voting members elect directors to the board of directors, which is responsible for association strategy. The board of directors appoints officers, including the presidency, which is responsible for association tactics.

Unlike the association's presidency and board of directors, the new board of advisors will have no formal legal authority beyond individual advisors' rights as voting members. However, as former members of the board of directors, advisors will represent the association's legacy of experience and influence, and the board of advisors will facilitate ongoing application of that value.

The association presidency, Carl Youngblood and Connie Packer, has asked Lincoln Cannon to organize the new board of advisors. Previously, Lincoln served as president of the association for its first ten years and as a director for its entire fifteen-year history. During that time, he has worked with all current and former members of the board of directors.

I am excited to formalize the relationship between past and present leadership. This board of advisors can expand the influence of the association. It can also lend experience and support to the current leadership. As a founder of the MTA and someone connected throughout the transhumanist community, Lincoln will be a great organizer for this group.
Vice President Connie Packer
Lincoln has done more to articulate and promote the values of the Association than anyone I know. I'm grateful to have his help to organize and leverage the experience and talents of our previous leaders, and I'm confident that this will strengthen and balance our voices.
President Carl Youngblood