Utah Valley Meetup on Future Ecosystems


Come join us at our Mormon Transhumanist Association Utah Valley Meetup this coming Sunday (November 11th) at 8:00pm to discuss topics associated to Mormonism and Transhumanism (details can be found in the Meetup group). In this meetup, we will have a discussion about new improvements in human capability to make future horizons possible. Specifically, humanity is taking its first steps to space and creating new opportunities to live, work, and love. To achieve this, we must bring whole ecosystems with us to build new earths. We will discuss specific research that focuses on steps in that direction with plants in orbit making use of artificial gravity and direct sunlight. These early steps provide valuable information for bioregenerative ecosystem development. Some samples of research in this area may be brought as well.

Also, if you are able, please bring snacks.

This event will be a great way to be introduced to the topic of religious transhumanism, meet guests and members from the Mormon Transhumanist Association, and engage in discussion with a diverse group.

Please RSVP here. We hope to see you there.