White Hot Life



Guest Blogger: Gary Lee Parker

Sending out sparks of life light, glowing, spinning in the dark like a cosmic disco ball, like white hot arcs of electric night

we turn and twist, rife with fight, wrestling, struggling to embark, to flee the killer’s gleaming knife a tight hot mess of fear in flight

dancing through the stars and strife right, reeling, grinning in the stark night, a cosmic joke on all, like sleight of hand that hides the blight

of us, streaming sparks of life light, dancing, but an interstellar lark like a fevered dream, like trite truth, a hot white knight

hanging onto sparks of life like, once more unto the breach , might makes right, and so we write our right of way through the interstellar night

sending out sparks of life light streamers reeling through the dark night, the cosmic dark, and we like flecks of fleeting passioned light

holding to this disco ball of life like children terrored by The Patriarch like a dying dog’s fading light desperate to hold back the night

desperate to hold back the night desperate, desperately, desperately we fight

Special thanks from the MTA to Mr. Parker.