Year-End Letter and Donation Request



MTA Members & Friends,

2016 has been a year of change, including for the MTA. We had a successful conference in April that included the election of a new president of the MTA, Chris Bradford. We have a new member of the Board of Directors, Wendy Smith, and an expanded management group, including a new Chief Financial Officer, Drew Ostler, and a new Chief Marketing Officer, Caleb Jones. More recently, the MTA constitution was amended to allow for the election of a new CEO, Blaire Ostler. We are very excited about the expansion of our leadership team and have received an overwhelming amount of support from the association. Thank you!

The MTA continues to be involved in humanitarian projects, including sponsoring a clinic in Bwethe, Uganda. MTA leadership is also collaborating with local non-profits that offer free tech training and job placement to low-income individuals. Look for more information in our upcoming annual report.

In 2016, MTA membership has continued to grow. MTA leadership has a vision for helping to expanding our outreach and membership. These include expanding our meetup groups and other social events, development of MTA introductory courses, and expanding the presence of the MTA at other conferences, such as the recent Sunstone Northwest Conference.

Plans are well underway for our upcoming annual conference. Look for announcements and a call for papers to come soon.

As the end of the year approaches, we hope you will consider donating to support the efforts of the MTA to grow our humanitarian efforts, expand our membership, and enhance our annual conference. Donations to the MTA are tax deductible in the U.S. and can be made online here (see “Financial Donation” on the column to the right). Any donation, large or small, is greatly appreciated. Of course, we encourage recurring donations as small amounts add up to significant benefit over time. The MTA is committed to full transparency of our finances and our financial reports are available here.

Thank you for your continued support of the MTA. We look forward to making it even better in 2017 and beyond!

Christopher Bradford President, Mormon Transhumanist Association

Blaire Ostler CEO, Mormon Transhumanist Association