Drew Ostler and Caleb Jones Appointed to Management Positions of the MTA



The Mormon Transhumanist Association is pleased to announce that it has appointed Drew Ostler to serve as Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer and Caleb Jones to serve as Chief Marketing Officer.

The Association congratulates Drew and Caleb, and thanks them for their willingness to contribute their time and talents to the success of the Association. Below is additional information about these leaders.

Drew Ostler

Drew Ostler was born and raised in the Bay Area where he developed a love for education, sports, STEM, and Mormonism. He served an LDS mission to Rome, Italy and holds a BA in Marketing and MBA from BYU. He has extensive experience in risk management, consulting, financial modeling, and strategic analysis with such companies as LANDESK, State Farm, Domo, Real Salt Lake, and Disney. Drew resides in Utah with wife Blaire and their three children.

Caleb Jones

Caleb Jones is a husband, father, programmer, and member of the LDS Church. He has a Computer Science degree from BYU. He is passionate about science and religion; a critic of rigidity, he enjoys exploring the strengths and limits of both, and sees the two as necessary and complementary in constructing enlightening, inspirational narratives. He is influenced by futurists like Freeman Dyson and Peter Diamandis, and Mormons like James E. Talmage and Neal A. Maxwell.

Information about all officers of the Association is available here: [http://transfigurism.org/pages/about/management/]