Annual Report and Pending Leadership Change



Dear friends and members of the Mormon Transhumanist Association,

Ten years ago, fourteen of us founded this association: Andrew West, Brent Allsop, Cameron Dayton, Carl Youngblood, Cherie West, Chris Bradford, Cory Funk, Gary Parker, Joseph West, Karl Hale, Leonard Reil, Lincoln Cannon, Marcus Flinders, and Martin Wood. Although we hear from some of these founders more often than others, all remain members of the association today.

Since that time, the association has grown to 574 members. I believe that makes us the largest formal organization of religious Transhumanists in the world -- and in human history, for that matter.

More importantly, though, our association has also become a sanctuary for the religious Transhumanist. Mormon and otherwise, we are an uncommon type (so far). That can be lonely. It has been lonely, as frequently expressed by new members when they discover us. But our association changes that.

Many have contributed substantial time and resources to make this happen. Of particular note are those who have served us as board members and managers: Andrew West, Blaire Ostler, Brad Levin, Brent Allsop, Bryant Smith, Carl Youngblood, Chris Bradford, Cory Funk, David Foster, Don Bradley, Dorothy Deasy, James Carroll, Joseph West, Karl Hale, Leonard Reil, Lincoln Cannon, Marcus Flinders, Michael Ferguson, and Nathan Hadfield. They have my gratitude, and I know from abundant feedback that they also have the gratitude of other members of our association.

Ten years ago, I accepted an appointment from our board to serve as president of the association. I have acted in that capacity since that time. And I believe I have done so in a manner that has generally represented us well. Hopefully you will agree, as you look through this annual report, which shares recent opportunities I've had to present some of our ideas and aspirations to large audiences.

Among the challenges presented to leaders of new organizations is that of establishing helpful precedents. Patterns and traditions can be hard to change, for better or worse. With that in mind, I have increasingly felt that the time has come, or perhaps is past due, to establish a leadership change precedent.

I have notified the board that I am retiring from my appointment as president. They and I have been working together on a transition plan for several months. And, in accordance with the process outlined in our constitution, we will appoint a new president in March. Afterwards, I will continue to serve on the board, as elected by voting members.

While I admit to some sadness, this is truly an exciting opportunity for our association. Transhumanists, better than most, know that change is essential to progress. Religious Transhumanists, better than most, know that change is too often most strongly resisted when and where it's needed most.

Thank you, as sincerely as I can express in writing, for your support and friendship over the years. Like many of you, I need this association as my sanctuary. You have made it that for me. And whether we will live forever or die trying, I see Christ in you.

Please enjoy this annual report, which celebrates our work this year, and promises greater works to come. Here's the link:


Lincoln Cannon President and Founder Mormon Transhumanist Association