Carl Youngblood Discusses Myth-Breaking on A Thoughtful Faith Podcast



Carl Youngblood, VP and COO of the MTA, was recently interviewed by James Patterson of A Thoughtful Faith podcast. The interview touches on transhumanism and Carl's involvement in the Mormon Transhumanist Association, as well as his research on how Mormon narratives can be demythologized in our post-secular era to revitalize faith.

What happens when the stories we’ve grown up with turn out to not be as historically accurate as we thought they were? For many, this not only causes cognitive dissonance, but plenty of pain. Carl joins A Thoughtful Faith contributor James Patterson to talk about the hermeneutic concept of “demythologization,” also known as breaking myths, its application to Mormonism, and its relation to Mormon Transhumanism.

Carl Youngblood on Transhumanism and Mormon Myth-Breaking