A Thoughtful Faith Podcast Interviews Lincoln Cannon



A Thoughtful Faith podcast interviewed Lincoln Cannon on Mormon Transhumanism and becoming one in the body of Christ.

A Thoughtful Faith features the stories and perspectives of intelligent, thoughtful believers who maintain a strong faith in Mormonism despite their awareness of and/or struggles with common challenges and issues. Its hope is to model potential paths for individuals in faith transition or crisis that allow them to maintain faith, as well as provide resources for thoughtful believers everywhere.

In the first episode, Lincoln speaks about his personal history, how tragedy shaped his perspectives on God and Faith, and how he came to be passionate about Transhumanism.

In episode two, Lincoln explores the essence of Transhumanism and how this affects his understanding of God. He also speaks about how it has shaped his deep faith in Mormonism. He explains how he sees Joseph Smith as a transhumanist and addresses our Mormon Transhumanist doctrines.

In the last episode, Lincoln synthesizes his Christianity and Transhumanism. He talks about the body of Christ and the atonement. He helps us understand our responsibility to become one in the body of Christ.

You can stream or download the podcast from the website of A Thoughtful Faith: