Theology and Science Publishes "What is Mormon Transhumanism?"



The peer reviewed journal of Theology and Science has published “What is Mormon Transhumanism?” The article was written by Lincoln Cannon, president of the Mormon Transhumanist Association. It is available for download from Taylor & Francis Online. An abstract of the article follows:

“Mormon transhumanism is the idea that humanity should learn how to be compassionate creators. This idea is essential to Mormonism, which provides a religious framework consistent with naturalism and supportive of human transformation. Mormon transhumanists are not limited to traditional or popular accounts of religion, and embrace opportunities and risks of technological evolution. Although usually considered secular, transhumanism has some religious origins and sometimes functions as religion. Accelerating change contextualizes a Mormon transhumanist narrative of common expectations, aspirations, and parallels between Mormonism and transhumanism. Mormon transhumanism has produced secular arguments for faith in God and religious arguments for transhumanism.”