2014 Survey of the Mormon Transhumanist Association


Dear members of the Mormon Transhumanist Association,

You're invited to participate in the association's 2014 survey, which will help association leadership better represent you and your interests. As in previous years, we've designed the survey such that you can complete it in less than 5 minutes! Here's the link:


Our goal is to help everyone participate, so if you have any questions or concerns with accessing or understanding it, please let us know -- reply to this message or contact [email protected].

In addition to the basic survey questions, there are some special sections to help us drill a bit deeper into what makes a Mormon Transhumanist tick. The special sections are related to theology, the problem of evil, and consciousness. If you decide to think about and answer these questions, it will require more than 5 minutes, so the survey is designed to give you the option to skip these questions if you can't make time for them.

You are important to the association, and this survey is an important way for leadership to stay in touch with you. Please share your perspective and feedback. We value it and try to act on it. Here again is the link to the survey:


You can also see the results of surveys from past years here: