Schedule for 2014 Conference of the Mormon Transhumanist Association


The Mormon Transhumanist Association is pleased to announce the schedule for its 2014 Conference, which will be held on 4 April 2014 from 9:00am to 6:00pm in Salt Lake City, Utah, at the Salt Lake City Public Library. Speakers will present on the themes of Mormonism, Transhumanism and Transfigurism, with particular attention to topics at the intersection of technology, spirituality, science and religion. Keynote speakers will be Mormon philosopher Adam S. Miller and Transhumanist designer Natasha Vita-More. The conference is open to the public.

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9:00-9:05 Welcome

9:05-9:25 Lincoln Cannon, Association President 9:25-9:35 Brent Allsop, "2013 Survey of the Mormon Transhumanist Association"

9:35-9:40 Music

9:40-10:05 James L. Carroll, "What is the Pace of Technological Change?" 10:05-10:25 A. Joseph West, "Authentic Mormonism and Motivation to Action" 10:25-10:45 Michael LaTorra, "Where Is Heaven? An Examination of Multiple-World Models of the Cosmos and Beyond" 10:45-10:55 Brad Carmack, "Grounded giving: maximizing the ROI of your charitable dollars" 10:55-11:05 Donald Bradley Jr., "What kind of literature does a god read: a transhumanist interpretation of Borges" 11:05-11:25 Giulio Prisco, "Religion for the Cosmic Frontier"

11:25-11:40 Break

11:40-12:00 Dorothy Deasy, "The Kingdom of God and the Transhuman Age" 12:00-12:20 Micah Redding, "Analysis, Loss of Meaning, and Religious Transhumanism"

12:20-1:00 Adam S. Miller, Keynote

1:00-2:00 Lunch

2:00-2:20 Christopher Bradford, Association Vice President

2:20-2:25 Music

2:25-2:55 Don Bradley, "Mormonism: The Sanctification of Human Progress" 2:55-3:15 Pace Ellsworth, "Partake freely: Transfigurist politics and free will" 3:15-3:35 Chelsea Strayer, Religious Anthropology 3:35-3:55 Jeffrey S. Anderson, "The Religious Brain Project" 3:55-4:05 R. Dennis Hansen, "What If Joseph Smith Jr. Had Lived Longer?"

4:05-4:20 Break

4:20-4:45 Carl Youngblood, "Religion as Social Technology" 4:45-5:05 Allen Hansen, "Worship Through Corporeality: Mormonism, Hasidism, and Management" 5:05-5:25 Randal Koene, "Supporting the complex requirements of a long-term project for whole brain emulation" 5:25-5:45 Michaelann Gardner, "Turning Our Moral Compass: the Environment and Mormonism's Theology of Means"

5:45-6:25 Natasha Vita-More, Keynote

6:25-6:30 Music

6:30 Closing

7:00 Dinner

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