December 2013 Online Discussion Group


The December 2013 online discussion group of the Mormon Transhumanist Association will be on Saturday, December 28, at 10:30am mountain time (9:30am PST, 12:30pm EST, 5:30pm UK, 6:30pm EU), in Google+ Hangouts.

If you have already participated in an association online discussion group, you know what to do. Otherwise, please join Google+ and the Mormon Transhumanist Association community on Google+, add Giulio Prisco and Lincoln Cannon to a circle, and let us know that you wish to participate so we can invite you.

We will discuss:

The proposed launch of a “Transfigurist Network” as an umbrella organization to coordinate the work of different religious transhumanist associations, such as the MTA and the CTA. The term “transfigurism” denotes advocacy for change in form, and alludes to sacred stories from many religious traditions. This meeting will analyze the recent online discussions and plan the following steps.