Leadership Changes


In annual elections held in April, voting members of the Mormon Transhumanist Association elected three new directors: Carl Youngblood, Don Bradley and Karl Hale.

Carl Youngblood has worked as a software engineer for over fifteen years, and is currently employed by Cisco Systems in Norway. Carl served a mission in Londrina, Brazil from 1994-96. He received a BA in Portuguese with a music minor from Brigham Young University and an MS in computer science from the University of Washington. He is married to Kami Allred and has four children. Carl enjoys woodworking, reading, history, religion, philosophy, singing, and playing various musical instruments.

Don Bradley is a historian specializing in Joseph Smith and Mormon scripture. Don holds a BA in History from Brigham Young University, and is finalizing his MA in History at Utah State. His writings include "'The Grand Fundamental Principles of Mormonism': Joseph Smith's Unfinished Reformation" and "The Lost 116 Pages: Rediscovering the Book of Lehi" (forthcoming). Don has a passion for exploration and discovery, is a single dad, and describes himself as "an individualist in the service of a community."

Karl Hale is happily married to Ana Lisa Bradford, and they are the parents of eight children. He has a Masters degree from Brigham Young University in Information Systems Management and has worked in that field for 12 years. He is currently self employed in the educational games industry and serves as the Junior Primary Music Leader in his ward. In addition to technology, Karl’s interests include languages, reading, woodworking, cello and juggling.

Carl Youngblood and Karl Hale have served on the association's board of directors previously. They and Don Bradley will fill positions previously filled by Bryant Smith, David Foster and Michael Ferguson, who the association thanks for their service. The following persons continue to serve on the board of directors: Brad Carmack, Chris Bradford, Dorothy Deasy, James Carroll, Lincoln Cannon and Nathan Hadfield. More information about the board of directors is available at Transfigurism.org.

The board of directors has also appointed Chris Bradford to serve as Chief Operations Officer, in addition to his appointment as Vice President. Other offices will remain unchanged: Brad Carmack as Secretary, Carl Youngblood as Chief Information Officer, Karl Hale as Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer, Lincoln Cannon as President and Chief Executive Officer, and Marcus Flinders as Chief Legal Officer. More information about association management is available at Transfigurism.org.