Results from Mormon Transhumanist Association Member Survey 2012


The Mormon Transhumanist Association has released results of its 2012 member survey. The survey results provide aggregate statistics of members' views on religion and politics, satisfaction with the association, and demographics. In 2012, the association grew from 143 members to 255 members, and 91 members participated in the survey. Notable statistical changes since 2011 include:

-Twelve-month average growth increased from 2.5 to 9 new members per month -Membership identifying as progressive in economic politics declined from 41% to 32% -Membership attributing high importance to the association increased from 25% to 33% -Membership born in the years 1975 to 1984 increased from 31% to 44% -Membership of caucasian ethnicity decreased from 94% to 88%