Lincoln Cannon to Present on Transfigurism at TransVision 2010


TransVision 2010 is a global transhumanist conference and community convention, organized by Giulio Prisco with the collaboration of the Italian Transhumanist Association (AIT) and an Advisory Board. The event will take place on October 22, 23 and 24, 2010 in Milan, Italy with many options for remote online access. Visit the conference web site for information on registration and remote viewing.

On 23 October at 6pm CEST (10am MDT), Lincoln Cannon will give a remote presentation on Transfigurism.

Transfigurism is a syncretization of Mormonism and Transhumanism. Together, they illustrate the compatibility of religion, science, spirituality and technology in the following ways. Trust in posthuman potential entails that which may qualify as faith in God. Transhumanists share with Mormons the basic assumptions of science. Justification of artificial intelligence justifies evil in a world created by God. Accelerating change parallels Mormon visions of the present and future. Posthuman history would be resurrection gifted to and earned by us.

Lincoln Cannon is a director and president of the Mormon Transhumanist Association and one of the main exponents of modern religious transhumanism.