Mormon Transhumanist Association at Sunstone


The Mormon Transhumanist Association will sponsor two sessions at the upcoming Sunstone symposium at the Sheraton Hotel in Salt Lake City, 5-7 August. You may pre-register for the conference on the Sunstone web site.

8Roger Hansen on "Toward a Mormon Theological Justification for Environmental Activism"* Response by Dan Wotherspoon Saturday, 7 August at 8:45am

The creation of the earth was not a static event but is very much a dynamic process. According to LDS doctrine at least through the 1960s, we are not only stewards of the earth but co-creators with God. Brigham Young taught that the roles God gives human beings are designed to test them, enabling them to show to themselves, to their fellow human beings, and to God just how they would act if entrusted with God’s power. We are here to work in conjunction with God on the continuing creation of a living earth.

Lincoln Cannon on "Reasons for Technological Interpretations of Mormonism" Response by Mark Olsen Saturday, 7 August at 3:30pm

When it comes to technology and spirituality, who decided that hope, faith, and heaven must be supernatural? How were so many of us persuaded that we can experience the spiritual but not measure it, or that we can promote such experience but not manage it with greater precision? When did we convince ourselves that machines must be cold metal and hollow plastic, forever in contrast to the warmth and beauty of the human soul? Can technology and spirit be brought together?