Dec 5-6, 2009: Humanity+ Summit


For more information: [] Speakers (information) include:

  • Aubrey de Grey on life extension
  • Ben Goertzel and Peter Voss on artificial intelligence
  • Ramez Naam on advanced search
  • RU Sirius on h+ Magazine
  • Patri Friedman on seasteading
  • Todd Huffman, Randal Koene, and Ken Hayworth on Whole Brain Emulation
  • Edward Miller and Joseph P Jackson on the open science movement and post-scarcity
  • Alex Lightman and Parijata Mackey on open source medicine
  • James Hughes and Sonia Arrison on building transhumanism and life extension as a political movement
  • Tyson Anderson and Andrew Hessel on DIYbiology
  • Bryan Bishop and Ben Lipkowitz on frabratories Venue: Eon Reality, Irvine, California First 50 tickets are $150, but they get more expensive after that so register early: []