New Web Site


The Mormon Transhumanist Association is pleased to announce the release of a new web site. In our 2008 member survey, members indicated that the most important offering of the association is its web site. The new site provides several improvements:

  1. Member blogs and discussions are aggregated to the home page. This gives additional exposure to our members' individual perspectives. Member blogs also include blogs hosted at other sites, such as blogspot and wordpress. Now members have the flexibility to blog wherever they're most comfortable, and still contribute content to the association. See the list of contributors by clicking on the "Blogs" button.

  2. Our news sites, "Mormon Science and Technology News" and "Transhumanist Religion and Spirituality News", are now incorporated directly into the main site, along with association news. To view the headlines, click on the "News" button.

  3. The entire site is based on RSS feeds, which enable you to access the same content directly through the web site, through your favorite feed reader (like Google Reader), or even via email. A list of RSS feeds is available via the "About" button.

  4. The site is integrated with several Internet services to improve management of and access to content. Documents are managed through Scribd, photos and other images through Picasa, and videos through Vimeo. Click on the "Library" button to browse the content. The site is also integrated with Paypal for donations, Amazon for book sales, and Google Groups and Apps (including a wiki) to support collaboration among our members.

  5. The search feature in the upper right corner will help you find content not only on the MTA site, but also across all member sites and at Mormon and Transhumanist sites related to the intersection of religion, science, spirituality and technology.

We invite your feedback and recommendations. Please contact us at [[email protected]]. Thank you!