World Transhumanist Association $25,000 Matching Grant


Dear Fellow Transhumanist,

Be a part of Transhumanist history!

Bill Faloon of Life Extension Foundation and Brian Cartmell of Cartmell Holdings, LLC, have generously offered to help us kick off our first fundraising event by matching your donations up to $25,000 until January 31, 2008.

We need 250 members to give $100 each, so your donations can be doubled. This is a unique opportunity we cannot afford to miss!

This money will fund three projects necessary for the WTA's survival against a well-funded, organized, and vocal opposition. We intend to spread our memes through:

  1. H+ Quarterly Digital Magazine

Featuring stories, interviews, news, and an events calendar, to be edited by the visionary journalist R.U. Sirius. It will be a fresh, fun and powerful medium for presenting all of our ideas to our membership and the general public.

  1. Website Redesign, Logo and Branding

A desperately needed "extreme makeover" to get our ideas out there!

  1. Student Outreach Road Show

Organize a one-day event at a top university to trial-run this concept, for educational exploration and membership growth.

Through members' generous efforts, we will be offering a special H+ T-shirt for each $100 donation, and autographed copies of Citizen Cyborg, Ending Aging, or The Singularity is Near for $250 donations.

I know that this time of year you receive many requests for donations. But this is the first time the WTA has asked for this kind of support from our members. We need you now. Please help.

To make these projects a reality, make your secure donation at our website, [].

You may also send a check to WTA, PO Box 128, Willington, CT 06279.

The World Transhumanist Association is a 501(c)(3) organization and your contribution will be tax- deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Help Transhumanism grow.


James ClementExecutive DirectorWorld Transhumanist Association

P.S. Please forward this to your family, friends and like-minded associates. We need their help, too!