Search Mormon and Transhumanist Web Sites


The Mormon Transhumanist Association is proud to provide custom search engines for Mormon and Transhumanist web sites. These search engines enable you to find information from Mormon and Transhumanist sources more quickly, without the extra effort required when using general purpose search engines like Google.

Speaking of Google, these custom search engines are powered by Google, so you'll get the same quick and thorough response to your queries that you are used to receiving from Google.

Additionally, we have provided web browser search plugins for the latest versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox, which allow you to use these custom search engines directly from your browser window without first navigating to the home page for the custom search engines. You'll find links to these plugins at the URLs below.

Here are the home page URLs for the custom search engines:

Mormonism Search -- Search Mormon Web Sites


Transhumanism Search -- Seach Transhumanist Web Sites