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from The Consolation, by Lincoln Cannon

Art from The Consolation
by Lincoln Cannon


The Mormon Transhumanist Association promotes abundant flourishing through the compassionate use of science and technology.

We explore the intersection of science, technology, and religion. We believe that human ingenuity is essential for positive outcomes (both for us and the biosphere), that the learning that comes from this process is necessary for our exaltation, and that the religious impulse is a core part of humanity that should be leveraged for good. Our Affirmation lists additional beliefs.

We meet together, hold conferences, and promote awareness of these topics. We also foster dialog between people of diverse backgrounds. We seek to persuade secular people that religion and science are not mutually exclusive, and to persuade religious people that science and technology are essential aspects of the divine. We encourage both of these audiences to engage with the world more wholeheartedly.

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Contact Info
[email protected]
3556 S 5600 West Ste #1-1033
Salt Lake City UT 84120
United States
Portrait of Michaelann Gardner
The MTA has been a source of communion and solace for me. The depth of intellectual rigor is unlike any other community I participate in. The friendship of optimistic, morally driven, future-focused people has changed me to my core. As someone coming to transhumanism from outside the typical sector of tech and science, I learned a lot from the Association. The MTA gave me both concrete knowledge and useful frameworks to think about the risks and opportunities that humanity is going to face in five, ten, and even a thousand years.
Michaelann Gardner, Non-Profit Manager
Executive Team
The Executive Team is appointed by the Board of Directors of the Association.
Portrait of Chief Executive Officer Carl Youngblood
Carl Youngblood
Chief Executive Officer
Portrait of Chief Operations Officer Connie Packer
Connie Packer
Chief Operations Officer
Portrait of Chief Financial Officer Joseph West
Joseph West
Chief Financial Officer
Portrait of Chief Legal Officer Marcus Flinders
Marcus Flinders
Chief Legal Officer
Portrait of Chief Technology Officer Nathan Hadfield
Nathan Hadfield
Chief Technology Officer
Board of Directors
The Board of Directors is elected by voting members of the Association. Directors serve for staggered three-year terms. Each year, three directors’ terms end, and they are replaced by newly elected directors. Elections take place in April.
Portrait of Secretary Bryant Smith
Bryant Smith
Portrait of Director Caleb Jones
Caleb Jones
Portrait of President & Director Carl Youngblood
Carl Youngblood
President & Director
Portrait of Vice President & Director Connie Packer
Connie Packer
Vice President & Director
Portrait of Director Conor White-Sullivan
Conor White-Sullivan
Portrait of Director Dallin Bradford
Dallin Bradford
Portrait of Director Randall Paul
Randall Paul
Portrait of Treasurer Joseph West
Joseph West
Portrait of Director Spencer Cannon
Spencer Cannon
Portrait of Director Teresa Pratt
Teresa Pratt
Board of Advisors
The Board of Advisors is appointed by the Board of Directors of the Association. Advisors include founders and former directors of the Association, as well as select members and friends of the Association.
Portrait of Advisor Ben Blair
Ben Blair
Portrait of Advisor Benson Dastrup
Benson Dastrup
Portrait of Advisor Brent Allsop
Brent Allsop
Portrait of Advisor Cameron Dayton
Cameron Dayton
Portrait of Advisor Chris Bradford
Chris Bradford
Portrait of Advisor Don Bradley
Don Bradley
Portrait of Advisor Dorothy Deasy
Dorothy Deasy
Portrait of Advisor Jon Ogden
Jon Ogden
Portrait of Advisor Joseph West
Joseph West
Portrait of Advisor Karl Hale
Karl Hale
Portrait of Advisor Leonard Reil
Leonard Reil
Portrait of President & Advisor Lincoln Cannon
Lincoln Cannon
President & Advisor
Portrait of Advisor Michaelann Gardner
Michaelann Gardner
Portrait of Advisor Pace Ellsworth
Pace Ellsworth
Portrait of Advisor Wendy Smith
Wendy Smith